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Nurse Call

Tek-Care 400 Nurse Call System

AccessIt Universal  - master with 10" color LCD touchscreen
 - master with a 4×40-character vacuum fluorescent display (VFD)

 - provides the choice of a centralized or a decentralized system configuration
 - runs on a proprietary network and uses no personal computers
 - pleasant call tones provided at the nurse master station lower ambient noise levels, via adjustable volume and tone styles. Full duplex audio ensures that no word is missed, increasing patient satisfaction

 - nurses benefit from the additional mobility provided by pagers that can be integrated into the system
 - attend and pre-announce tones
 - included configuration software simplifies system programming and customization, via a laptop computer.
 - the system is UL® and cUL® Listed.


Tek-Care 400 with Wireless Phones

AccessIt Universal   Staff can use wireless phones to:

 - place a call to a patient or master station,
 - automatically answer a patient call,
 - page all stations or a single zone,
 - set a nurse or aide service request to a patient station,
 - set a STAT request to a patient station,
 - monitor a zone,
 - use nurse attend.



Tek-Care NC-200 Nurse Call System


NC200 System consists of:

 - patient calling stations
 - emergency call stations
 - a master intercom/annunciator station including amplifier
 - dome lights and zone lights
 - reliable, solid-state control and power supply equipment
 - flexible, modular design permits simple, customized installation

Emergency signals are distinctively identified by a rapid pulsating of all visual and audible signals
associated with the calling station. If routine and emergency calls are present simultaneously,
emergency signaling is given precedence. Emergency audible signals can only be canceled at
the point of origin. Sensitive two-way voice communication, Nurse Follow, Tone-Off, Tone Call,
and Group Call functions are push button selected.



Emergency Call

Tek-Care NC-500 Wireless Emergency Call System

NC500 System consists of:

 - first wireless emergency call system that can handle EchoStream (ES) and Frequency Agile (FA) transmitters at the same time

 - most advanced security and safety available, giving residents the peace of mind and independence they deserve.

 - complete selection of wireless call transmitters—including residents' pendants, emergency switches, smoke detectors, door and window monitors and passive infrared (PIR) motion detectors

 - residents wear waterproof pendants, allowing them the freedom to roam throughout the facility or campus knowing that help is always just a button press away

 - wireless emergency switches in baths and bedrooms for additional call locations

 - know residents are up and about without disturbing their privacy using the morning check-in feature of the PIR motion detector or the combination wireless assistance call & resident check-in switch

 - use exclusive Remote Event Monitor software to connect up to 9 additional personal computers to the Tek-CARE®500 system via the facility's network


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